Best Asian Massage In Mission Viejo CA

Swedish Massage

Reduce Chronic Pain, Emotional And Physical Stress
Our profoundly unwinding Swedish massage is intended to diminish pressure and strain, leaving you feeling restored and re established. Sweet almond or grapeseed oil is applied to your body skin. Our licensed therapists adjust the back rub weight and method to suit your requirements and necessities. It uses various methods that are intended to unwind muscles, increases oxygen stream in the blood and flushes toxins such as uric and lactic acid out of your body. The Swedish massage can invigorate the sensory system and improve blood circulation while massaging your energy lines.
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Deep Tissue Massage

Perfect For Stiff Neck Or Upper Back, And Sore Shoulders
This massage therapy uses deep pressure onto your tight muscles for relaxation purpose. The deep tissue massage's soothing effects include its capacity to expand veins and furthermore bring down the activity of the limbic system which is in charge of autonomic neurological program control and cortisol secretion. As a result you feel relaxed and refreshed when releasing the oxytocin and serotonin from your body. It in turn, relieves muscle stiffness, chronic aches and pain, upper back and lower back pain as well as stress.
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Shiatsu Massage

Best For Instant Stress Relief And Relaxation
Japanese Shiatsu body massage is a conventional Japanese treatment that deals with specific energy lines to eliminate blockages and stimulate blood circulation. Shiatsu is a hands-on method that uses fingers to perform firm pressure on the meridians. Our therapists may or may not use oil, based on customer’s requirements. You must add a regular periodical massage schedule to your routine for instant relief from all your major health issues. You can be sure that these massages won’t cause any side effects. Get relief from the major respiratory problems like, cold, sinus and cough. So why are you waiting?
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